Four Notebooks

Four Notebooks: How They Travel

On the cover of each notebook is inscribed the name of the pen friends who participated in project phase 1. Each notebook reveals the story of their grandmother.

Notebooks will be handled by different coordinators and passed on via different routes.


Coordinator: Sachiko Nozawa

9/24-29 Kodaira, Tokyo

9/30-10/7 Tokyo


10/20  Koganei, Tokyo

10/21-10/28 Koganei, Tokyo


建華 / Jianhua

Coordinator: Miho Miyashita

9/14-22 Koganei, Tokyo

9/22-29 Tokyo

10/11 Tokyo

10/14-22 Ibaraki

10/30-11/1 Tokyo


Coordinator: Haruka Moriyama

9/22-10/1 Tokyo

10/5-10/9 Kanagawa

10/13-29 Kyoto


Coordinator: Mizuha Fukushima

9/21 Fuchuu, Tokyo

9/25-10/3 Aomori

10/5-10/7 Kanazawa

10/8-10/15 Tokyo

10/17-10/21 Koganei, Tokyo

10/30 Tokyo