Border Crossings / Pen-tomo Project

Border Crossing / Pen-tomo Project “Grandmother’s Life, Tracing the Passage of Memories”

Koganei Artfull Action! ( Arts and Culture Promotion Plan Promotion Business, Koganei-City) is conducting a Border Crossing / Pen-tomo Project with citizens by inviting artist Haji Oh. In this project, the artist and four people from overseas have been communicating with each other over their memories of “grandmother’s life.” As a work based on this memory, a notebook was born that spelled out the memories of each grandmother. This notebook, delivered from Australia, was written / drawn by people of various generations and regions who traveled around Japan and wrote / drawn “memories about grandmothers.” Along with this note, we will exhibit each cross-border for of citizens who have been working together on the pen-tomo project. ( reference from Artful Action website)

Date and Time: 2020/11/13-12/6, (Holiday: Monday and Tuesday) 12:00-18:00

Place: Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F ( 2F 6-5-3 Honcho, Koganei, Tokyo)

Participants: Haji Oh / Sachiko Nozawa / Mizuha Fukushima / Haruka Moriyama / Kanako Tasei (press officer) 

Organized by: Tokyo Koganei City / Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Arts Council Tokyo / NPO Artful Action

*Held while restricting admission and hearing about health condition to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection I will.

*Contents are subjected to change

* This project is being implemented as part of the “arts and Culture Promotion Plan Promotion Business, Koganei-City” and the Arts Council Tokyo “Art Point Plan.”