Phase.2 The Notebooks

“Grandmother’s Life, Tracing the Passage of Memories”

We will launch an activity to pass on the notebooks through which people can share memories of their grandmothers. As you look inside, you’ll find letters written by my pen friends, four women living in Japan who were originally from Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Peru (of Japanese descent), about the memories of their grandmothers. The notebooks also include my artwork “The Passage of Imaginary Landscape,” in which the landscapes I imagined by reading the letters written by my pen friends and the sceneries I have seen in the past are collaged using cyanotype technique. The notebooks will travel between people and the recipients will be invited to add the memories of their grandmothers. 

*‘Grandmother’ does not necessarily mean your relative but may refer to an older woman. 

* The notebooks will eventually be displayed at the exhibition “Pen-tomo Border Crossing Project” (Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F, scheduled in November, 2020). 

If you are interested, please apply with the form here, or contact us by e-mail, fax or mail.

Letter from Kayin

” The Passage of Imaginary Landscape”, 2020

Please apply with the form here